I am an experienced Japanese to English translator with over 15 years of professional experience and a background in corporate law. I specialize in the translation of legal and financial documents, of which commercial agreements, internal regulations, trial proceedings, legal opinions, decisions, prospectuses, equity research materials, and market forecasts comprise the lion’s share. I also translate a significant volume of documentation for clients in the manufacturing, pharmaceutical, and advertising industries. Detailed information on experience with specific document types is available on request.

・NAATI Professional Translator Accreditation (Japanese to English) 1999
・MAJIT (University of Queensland) 2000

Other Relevant Qualifications
・Japan Kanji Aptitude Test (Level 2) 2009
・Japanese Language Proficiency Test (Level 1) 1999


1) Quotation

Shortly after submitting your document you will receive a quotation and an estimate of the time required.

2) Ordering

Once you are ready to place an order, you will be informed of the scheduled date for delivery of the translation. If this date is acceptable to you, the translation process will commence. (You may be required to provide payment in advance if you do not have a business account.)

3) Translation

4) Proofreading

5) Delivery

Your translation will be sent to you as an email attachment on or before the delivery date. The translation may be accompanied by a note from the translator explaining the approach taken.

6) Client Review

If you have questions or comments about the translation you can submit them by email or using the form below. The translator will review your questions or comments and respond as soon as possible. There is no charge for this service. If the review process identifies a misinterpretation (for example, if a Japanese surname has been rendered using the most common reading but the individual in fact uses a different reading), a revised translation will be issued.

7) Invoicing

Your invoice will be issued as an email attachment.


Fees for translation are calculated based on the number of characters in the source text. Rates range from JPY14* to JPY18* per character, according to content. A reasonable effort will be made to reproduce the layout of the original document at no extra charge.

Minimum fee JPY5,000*
Special formatting (if you have special formatting or layout requirements) JPY5,000* (minimum)
Rush surcharge (if you require expedited next-day turnaround for a document of less than 4,000 characters in length) 30%
Certification of translation (application of NAATI Stamp) JPY4,000*
Postage of hard copy (anywhere in the world) JPY4,000*

*Excludes Japanese consumption tax.

Minimum fee

If you have specific formatting or layout requirements that fall outside the scope of the standard service JPY5,000* (minimum charge)

Rush Surcharge
If you require expedited (next-day) turnaround for a document of less than 4,000 characters in length 30%

Certification of translation (application of NAATI Stamp)JPY4,000*
Postage of hard copy (anywhere in the world)JPY4,000*

*Excludes Japanese consumption tax.


If you ask to have your translation certified it will be impressed with a NAATI-issued translator stamp and sent to you as a PDF attachment (or hard copy, if preferred).


What happens if I cancel after placing an order?

You will only be charged for the number of characters that have already been translated. You will be provided with the partial translation if desired.

Will my information be kept confidential?

All information will be kept confidential. Please indicate if you would like to enter into a non-disclosure agreement with the translator.

Can I make requests about style?

If you would like certain terms in the original to be rendered in a particular way, please indicate accordingly when placing your order, so we can discuss what steps can be taken to accommodate your requests.

Part of the original does not appear to have been translated. Was something left out?

While the translator will aim to reflect the meaning of every word, there will not necessarily be word-for-word correspondence between the Japanese original and the English translation, especially if your document is general in nature. While translations are checked thoroughly before delivery, the translator will review any questions or comments received, and in the event that a misinterpretation is identified a revised translation will be issued.

Can I have my translation edited for length or otherwise restructured or restyled?

While these types of editing services are not usually performed by the translator, I am happy to discuss your requirements and refer you to an editor if necessary.


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